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Construction projects can easily become expensive, even if you are operating on a budget.

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Some people say that steel has no character - that it's a cold material without emotion. But with correct detailing and design, steel has many possibilities such as such as straight flights or spiral stairs. And we can create very slim, elegant designs. Steel is also versatile, long-lasting, recyclable, and less expensive than many other materials. There are also options as to the type of finish, since they can be created in many, many colors!

The benefits of metal stairs

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  • Metal stairs

  • Iron treads for concrete stairs

  • Iron treads for metal stairs

  • Ornamental stairs

  • Customized stairs

  • Custom railings

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you choose, Ornamental Design and Fabrication

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Give us a call to talk about your metal stair project. Ornamental Design & Fabrication can also provide wrought iron and other metal fences, gates, driveway/entrance/RV gates, and railings.

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